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I received the Germ Terminator a few days ago and I want you to know how much I LOVE IT! I can now safely keep my bathroom window open more than it has been and not worry about industrial dust, with all of its germs and toxins, compromising the sanitation of my toothbrushes. I no longer have to soak them in nasty tasting isopropyl alcohol! Thank you very much for inventing a MUCH needed and TERRIFIC item.
Jane S.

I never knew that my toothbrush had over 100 million germs on it. I'm not necessarily a germ freak, but when you read the articles and you hear about everything that is left on your toothbrush and then you're putting that toothbrush back in your mouth...People don't sanitize their toothbrushes because they don't know. After trying the Germ Terminator, people would say the same thing that I do, "It’s easy, it’s convenient, why not use it after you know the research?" I think people should definitely sanitize their toothbrushes because of all the germs that just keep building and building up on your toothbrush. Using the Germ Terminator just makes sense.
Joe – Office Manager

I was really shocked when I read that article in USA Today comparing your toothbrush to a toilet brush. And I was very upset with myself thinking that I was allowing my children to brush their teeth with toilet germs. As a mother of 5 and working full time and having 5 children in school, we are exposed to every type of virus, cold and flu that you can imagine. This last winter since using the Germ Terminator, we have not had that cold run through the whole household.
Adi – Working Mother

Before I got the Germ Terminator, it never dawned on me to do anything special with my toothbrush. But I've had it about a year now and I can't imagine not using it.
Maia – Teacher

My routine when I travel doesn't change at all. Actually, the Germ Terminator is probably the first thing I pack when I go on the road. And that's the first thing I unpack when I get to a hotel I'm staying at to make sure that my toothbrush is clean.
Darwin – Former NBA Player

Knowing what I know about oral health, I would recommend the Germ Terminator to all my patients.
Dr. B. Navidi – DDS

I'm a little bit of a germ freak. I would like to know that the things that I put in my mouth are clean. You're keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom, there are a lot of germs that fly around that you don't see, that you're not even aware of. I would never brush my teeth again without using the Germ Terminator. There are a lot of germs in your bathroom, which is where you keep your toothbrush. This little product sits on your counter top, stays plugged in, it doesn't take up much room, pour a little water in, and you've sanitized your toothbrush.
Leslie – Full time mum

This product was recommended to me by one of my girlfriends, and I have to be honest, I was a little hesitant about using it. Mainly because I have a Sonic Care toothbrush and I thought it wouldn't work on my toothbrush head. But the company that invented the germ terminator really thinks of everything. It’s easy to use, there are no parts to break, and it works on Sonic and Electric toothbrush heads – and it makes that sound, I just love that steam sound. And every time I hear it, I know my toothbrush is clean.
Claire – Entrepreneur

Being a hygienist, I know how important it is to keep everything that comes into contact with my patients very sanitary. The Germ Terminator is such a great little product because its small, it fits right onto the counter top in the bathroom, there's no harmful chemicals, and it uses only the power of steam to kill toothbrush germs. I love the Germ Terminator, I use it every day and I recommend it to all my patients.
Emily – Dental Hygienist

My girlfriend bought the Germ Terminator for me and it’s great. I never stopped to think about it before, but I never did anything to clean my toothbrush. The Germ Terminator is just so convenient, it fits right into my morning routine. It takes seconds. After I brush, I just put my toothbrush in the Germ Terminator and I'm off to work. And when I get back in the evening, I know my toothbrush is clean and ready for me to use. Plus, there's no maintenance, there's nothing for me to clean.
Mike – Sales Rep

I'm a dental hygienist, and I have been recommending the Germ Terminator to all my patients for the past year and a half. The Germ Terminator uses steam and heat, which is the same method we use to clean our instruments. I have patients with gingivitis and periodontal disease that have been using the Germ Terminator and I have seen a great improvement in their condition. I highly recommend this product to everyone.
Gia – Dental Hygienist

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