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The New Way to Clean and
Store Your Toothbrush

The Germ Terminator is the only toothbrush sanitizer that cleans your toothbrush using a powerful combination of steam and dry heat and stores your toothbrush in a completely germ-free environment until the next time you brush. Now you can clean and store your toothbrush in the Germ Terminator's germ-free storage chamber, instead of keeping your toothbrush in that grimy toothbrush holder! The Germ Terminator's sleek design looks great in any bathroom and ensures that your toothbrush will be clean every time you use it.

Why do I need to clean my toothbrush?

Like it or not, your toothbrush is dirty! Research shows that used toothbrushes are contaminated with millions of germs from our mouths, from the bathroom, and from neighbouring toothbrushes. These germs can prolong infections like gum disease or colds and sore throats. The Germ Terminator eliminates these harmful bugs in seconds!

The ONLY Toothbrush Sanitizer
to use Steam and Dry Heat

Unlike other toothbrush sanitization systems that use ultraviolet light, the Germ Terminator's steam technology is proven to be the most effective way to kill toothbrush germs. Steam sanitization is natural and safe – no harmful chemicals and no ultraviolet light – even doctors and dentists rely on the power of steam to effectively clean their instruments!

Why Steam is Better than Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light only kills the germ cells on which the light shines. This is why UV light is often utilized to kill germs in the air and on flat surfaces, like tabletops. But toothbrushes are anything but flat. There are many nooks, crannies, and dark areas in between toothbrush bristles that UV light cannot reach. So there are potentially millions of germs and bacteria that are left on your toothbrush bristles after the UV sanitization process.

The other problem with UV light toothbrush sanitizers is that they do not provide a germ-free environment to store your toothbrush. In between brushings, your toothbrush is left damp, in an enclosed, environment, vulnerable to mold, bathroom germs, and contamination from other toothbrushes. Furthermore, most UV light sanitizers only work to sanitize the head of the toothbrush – not the handle. Many people do not wash their hands before brushing their teeth – leaving germs all over the handle that can make their way into your mouth! Only the Germ Terminator's steam and heat sanitization process can effectively kill greater than 99.9999% of germs on the entire toothbrush – even germs on the handle and hiding in the dark nooks and crannies of toothbrush bristles – and keep your toothbrush germ-free until the next time you brush.

Laboratory Tested

The GT is an FDA-approved medical device, which means we had the Germ Terminator tested in three major in dependent laboratories. We tested the Germ Terminator against the common cold virus (rhinovirus), the flu (influenza), herpes (simplexes I and II), and E. coli among other disgusting germs that have been found on toothbrushes and the Germ Terminator passed every test.

You'll Use the Germ Terminator Every Day

After brushing, just add water and you're done! Your toothbrush stays germ-free in the storage chamber all day and the next time you brush, you will have a clean and healthy toothbrush. And since the Germ Terminator serves as both your toothbrush holder and sanitizer, it doesn't take up extra space in the bathroom.

Highly Recommended

Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased the Germ Terminator and are amazed by the product. In a recent customer survey, over 92% of our current customers would recommend the product to family or friends. To hear from some of our customers, go to the testimonials page. The Germ Terminator is also recommended by doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists, and is approved by the FDA.

Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your Germ Terminator, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Germ Terminator, simply return the unit to us within 30 days and we will be happy to issue a refund.

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